Layout Creation using Bootstrap Template & ASP.Net MVC

After doing lots of browsing and rejection you finally was able to freeze on a UI theme for the application.


Now it’s time to put this layout in a new mvc application.

Step 1: Let us follow a golden rule of Break the Screen into logical pieces


Step 2: Let us get to the project and make some folder structure in the shared folder inside view (Application Presentation Layer > Views > Shared ). Here we have added a new folder name OtherLayouts (You can name it as you please)


Step 3: Let us use the new folder to have partial views of each broken code (Application Presentation Layer > Views > Shared > OtherLayouts)


Step 4: Now open the _Layout.cshtml and map the partial views in the code


Step5: Add the static CSS and JS files directly in the header of the _Layout.cshtml file.

Download the Files and Put in a new ASP.Net MVC Project and try yourself

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