Universal Application – Cross Platform Development

As the advancement in the technology field of Operating System for Mobile and Immobile devices the application building has become complex as we need to build separately applications for each platform.

To overcome this problem many technologies have come up which are giving “Cross Platform” application development freedom.

Few of the technologies we can discuss here:

For Immobile applications:

For Mobile applications



Please State: There are many other technologies that are available then above mentioned.


Generic Pros and Cons of this technologies


  • Web developer knowledge is decent enough to work with
  • Quick prototyping
  • Available technologies are really helpful for faster development
  • Large amount of library options available
  • Change in the app is very easy
  • Easy manageable multiple screen resolution using available media query liberaries


  • There are a lot of browsers out there
  • Devices varying hardware, screen sizes, and network speed matters
  • Some features you’re used to using aren’t there for all devices (position: static for instance) and since those are likely the crappy devices, using a javascript shim (like iScroll) is out of the question if you care about performance
  • Some version issues with the plugin
  • There are less facilities in javascript for modularization of large-scale applications than Objective-C or Java


At last I would say choose your technologies according to your need for delivery and time.

Please share your thoughts as well.

2 thoughts on “Universal Application – Cross Platform Development

    1. Hi Julias Electron is a great platform for stand alone app development and is used by major companies. Microsoft Visual Studio Code is one of a great example of such a App. The only problem it has is the code is too open to get exposed so security related issue. Else all great. Thanks for ur feedback on this topic I really appreciate it.

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