Angular 5 start with base program

Now as to start with Angular 5 we did it in last blog to read about it Click Here

In this blog we will start with writing our first program on Angular 5.

So Let’s Start:

  • Create a project folder
  • Open command prompt interface to the folder path
  • Run the command to generate the angular structure inside the folder:
    • $ ng new <project_name> –style=scss –routing
    • Here in above code we are creating a new project with style support for scss and routing enabled
  • Now get inside the project name folder <project_name> by command
    • $ cd <project_name>
  • Now it’s time to run the default project created using command
    • $ ng serve
  • Now test your first application by opening the browser and opening url mentioned which running the above command (default http://localhost:4200)
  • You will be able to see this screen if the above steps followed properly:
  • Angular Base
  • Not to know how the folder structure looks using command prompt type command
  • base angularfolder
  • To do the changes we will do all our changes inside “src” folder


Next we will start go for the next level by creating Components. Click Here

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