Amazon Alexa Skill Development Part 2 – First Skill


  • Part 1: Introduction about Amazon Alexa. Click Here

Starting with the first Alexa Skill App Creation

Let us start with our first skill:

  • We will be making a Joke App named “Comedy Jokes” which will serve some jokes whenever user prompts “Alexa, open comedy jokes”

Let us start with the Amazon alexa dev account:

  • Open URL
  • Click on the “Sign In” on the right hand top corner of the page opens
  • SignIn
  • Now on the next page create an Account or you can use your amazon account credentials to login.
  • After Login you will be able to see “Your Alexa Consoles > Skills” if not then click on the Skills link under Your Alexa Consoles Link top right corner screen


Let us start with the New Skill:

  • On the Skill Consoles click on the “Create Skill”  button create skill
  • Now on the next screen enter the Skill Name and choose the language
  • SkillName
  • Click Next
  • In next screen Choose a model to add to your skill. Here you can choose from the existing model or create a new model from scratch. We will choose Custom Model for our Skill
  • ChooseModel
  • Now Click on the Create skill button
  • You will be landing into your Skill page
  • Here you will be able to see on the right side the Skill builder checklist and the required things to get the skill running
  • ChecklistToBuild

Let us now start filling all the steps in the checklist

  1. Invocation Name
    • Invocation is one of the build checklist item in the menu on the left sidebar click on it.
    • This is what the user says to invoke the Skill
    • Eg: Alexa, open comedy jokes
    • For us Let us use comedy joke as the Invocation Name and save the model “Save Model”
    • invocation
  2. Intents
    • Intents are the request made by the user
    • Click on the “+ Add” next to intents menu item
    • We can choose existing intents from Alexa’s built-in library or create custom intent
    • We will choose Custom Intent name it comedyjokes
    • intent
    • Inside this new intent we have to add some Sample Utterances (These are the sample which can be told by the user and grouped under one Intent)
      • Eg: “open comedy jokes”
      • We will add a few
      • sample utterances
      • The whole details about the Intents Slots you can find in the official document here
      • Now “Save Model”
  3. Build Model
    • Now we will build the model by clicking “Build Model”
    • It will take some time for the build to complete

Now the Skill is ready but needs the “End Point” to do all the processing of request and present with the response which we will see in next part. Click Here

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