Amazon Alexa Skill Development Part 3 – End Points


  • Part 1: Introduction about Amazon Alexa. Click Here
  • Part 2: Starting with the first Alexa Skill App Creation. Click Here

In this Part we will see Learn about End Point in Amazon AWS:

Now when the skill is ready and built we need to put the End Point to make the skill make some proper response.

  • End Point
    • It is one of the menu item
    • Help to connect to the services which provides the response to the intent
    • We can have AWS Lambda ARN as the End Point or can use or custom services hosted on HTPPS on our server
    • We will be using AWS Lambda ARN for our skill. So select the AWS Lambda ARN in the End Point page
    • endpoint

Now Let us get the backend ready:

  • Go to URL
    • You can use your amazon profile to login
    • But to use the service you need to provide a payment Credit/Debit card data for a minimal transaction don’t worry it will be returned back to you. You won’t be charged until you hit a limit.
  • Now I am assuming you are ready with your account and logged in we can proceed
    • Search for “Lambda” service and click on it
    • Now please keep in mind we will need Alexa Skill Kit so we need to choose proper region for deploying our function
    • We can choose region from top left corner
    • chooseServer
    • The Alexa Skill Kit is available on only few region as follows (at current when I am writing this blog)
      • Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
      • EU (Ireland)
      • US East (N. Virginia)
      • US West (Oregon)
    • We will use Asia Pacific (Tokyo) for our project
    • Reach inside Lambda > Function
    • Create new function using “Create Function”
    • tokyoServer
    • Now in next screen select the data Blueprints
    • In Next screen
      • Fill the name as comedyjokes
      • Create new or use existing Role as lambda_basic_execution (If already created one then chose from dropdown else select create custom role which will open a new page their just check it showing lambda_basic_execution and then click allow which will bring you back)
      • Click on the Create Function on the bottom right
    • In the new screen
      • Select Alexa Skills Kit as trigger from the left side which will add it in the triggers
      • In the Configure Trigger paste the skill id from the End Point in Lambda AWS ARN section and click Add
      • functionConfig
    • Save everything using “Save”
    • Now Let us get the ARN number to the End Point > Default Region and Save Endpoints
    • The current Blueprint alexa-skill-kit-sdk-factskill gives you the syntax in your Lambda function to return facts which can be replace by jokes of your wish
    • To see that click on the comedyjokes in the Designer section of Lambda screen as in previous image
    • Scroll down to see the function where you will find a section with data where you can add your jokes.
    • function


Now we will Test our application is working. Click Here

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