Amazon Alexa Skill Development Part 4 – Test Skill


  • Part 1: Introduction about Amazon Alexa. Click Here
  • Part 2: Starting with the first Alexa Skill App Creation. Click Here
  • Part 3: Learn about End Point in Amazon AWS. Click Here

In this part we will see about testing the Skill:

Now as our app is built and connected to End Point we can test it for it is working.

There are multiple ways we can test it but we will be able using the simulator to test it for now also I will tell how to test it from a Echo device.

So let us start:

  • Go to the Test tab on your skill in the Alexa Dev site
  • Switch the Toggle Switch to On position for Test is enabled for this skill to use this skill
  • Type in the message “open comedy jokes”
  • Press Enter
  • test


The response will come from the Alexa Lambda function. If any error comes or no reply please retrace your steps or tell me in the comments.

To test on an Alexa Echo device:

Once you have tested it on the simulator and got response. Get on the Alexa App from which you are using your Echo device please make sure your Language settings is set to the one you built your skills on and your skill is Enabled in the Dev section of the Skills tab. If all good to go just ask “Alexa, open comedy jokes” you will get the response.


Next we will see about Multi Language support. Click Here

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