Amazon Alexa Skill Development Part 1 -Intro

About Amazon Alexa With the power of AI reaching the hand of people by different means (Active or Passive formats) Amazon presented the world with an AI bot named "Alexa". Alexa is a bot for the user who actively participate to take care of users need. Few activities that can be done by Alexa are: … Continue reading Amazon Alexa Skill Development Part 1 -Intro

Angular 5 Services

Previously: Setup Angular 5 click here Startup with Angular 5 base code click here Angular 5 Components click here Angular 5 Interpolation, Property & Event Binding click here Angular 5 Route click here   Now in this part we will be discussing about Angular 5 Services: Let us create a service say “data” $ ng g service data Let us … Continue reading Angular 5 Services

Angular 5 Components

Now we did the Angular 5 set up here We did our base Angular 5 program startup and test here Now in this part we will see about the Angular 5 Components. So Let us start: Introduction: Angular components are considered as the basic building blocks of angular app. Angular components can be found inside … Continue reading Angular 5 Components

Angular 5 start with base program

Now as to start with Angular 5 we did it in last blog to read about it Click Here In this blog we will start with writing our first program on Angular 5. So Let's Start: Create a project folder Open command prompt interface to the folder path Run the command to generate the angular structure … Continue reading Angular 5 start with base program

Let us start with Angular 5

(Wiki) Intro: Angular is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application framework mainly maintained by Google and by a community of individuals and corporations to address many of the challenges encountered in developing single-page applications. Angular 5 is release recently during last of 2017. This is a one of a great framework to work with. In this part … Continue reading Let us start with Angular 5

Universal Application – Cross Platform Development

As the advancement in the technology field of Operating System for Mobile and Immobile devices the application building has become complex as we need to build separately applications for each platform. To overcome this problem many technologies have come up which are giving "Cross Platform" application development freedom. Few of the technologies we can discuss … Continue reading Universal Application – Cross Platform Development

MicroStrategy Rest API Setup and User Guide

MicroStrategy being the one of the largely used reporting tools, the feature of Rest API provides a lot of flexibility for the use of MicroStrategy with third party tools. Here we will discuss how to setup and use MicroStrategy Rest API. Please look at this for the setup and user guide: